About Us

Not Your Standard Chef's Knife

Not a single chef's knife met our high standards.

So we built our own.

The Problem

High-carbon (0.50%+) knives might be ultra-sharp, but break easily, must be professionally sharpened, and rust quickly.Stainless knives are less prone to breakage and rust, but require frequent sharpening to hold an edge.

What We Did

We discovered the perfect blend of materials to craft the ideal cutting tool.

Starting with 0.70% high-carbon steel to ensure sharpness, we blended in Molybdenum and Vanadium for added strength and durability, and chromium was incorporated to make the knife rust-resistant. As part of our testing, we left EDGE Chef's Knife out for hours without cleaning, then ran it through the dishwasher a dozen times.

The Result

EDGE Chef's Knife maintained the same superior edge as its high-end counterparts without rusting or breaking. It's a durable, low-maintenance chef’s knife that performs with out-of-the-box sharpness after months of daily use.

Here at EDGE, we don’t just sell our 8” Chef's Knife. We reach for it every day — and we’re convinced you will too. That’s why it’s backed by our generous return policy and lifetime guarantee.


501 W Williams St. #1064
Apex NC 27502